Measuring your Investment

We have built our reputation on the positive difference we have made to our clients. And it’s not enough to feel that we’ve done a good job, it’s important that we can clearly identify where and how we’ve made a difference. It’s not rocket science; we like to measure our impact in 4 levels based on the Kirkpatrick model of evaluation:

Level 1 – Immediate feedback – sometimes known as ‘happy sheets’. The difference with our happy sheets is that they focus on the learner and their experience, it is the beginning their journey of considering what they’ve learnt and how they will implement it.

Level 2 – Checking the learners understanding – We like to do this on a continual basis, through experiential learning, role modelling, assessment and tests. This also helps us identify gaps in knowledge and ways we can adapt our approach to close gaps.

Level 3 – Change in behaviour – Establishing up front what difference you really want to see is key to establishing if there has been a change in behaviour, how is it different and is it making a positive impact. To measure this, we will agree on picture of success and either work with your existing tools (i.e. behaviour framework, engagement survey), or through other tools such as a bespoke 360 degree feedback process or a simple tool that your leaders can use to observe changes, measure the impact this is having and guidance on providing constructive feedback.

Level 4 – Return on investment – We will agree with you up front which of your big performance indicators need to change (this is part of our needs analysis in the design phase). Working with you, we’ll monitor change to these KPI’s over a period of time. Typically, the sort of KPI’s we’d use are:

Engagement survey scores and increases/decreases to specific questions

  • Retention
  • Absence, long and short term
  • Grievances / disciplinaries
  • Net promotor score
  • Customer complaints / compliments