Case study 1

Large transport company

We were asked to support a transport organisation increase their engagement scores after a difficult period of multiple ownership changes over a short period of time which had resulted in:

  • Increases in short term and long term absence
  • Low engagement across all areas of the business
  • High customer complaints relating to employee behaviour
  • Loss of revenue and reduced market share


Conduct a deep dive analysis across the business through, focus groups, pulse survey to get a snap shop benchmark and one to one interviews to identify emerging trends and themes

The overarching theme was that the majority of leaders lack confidence and skills and in turn there was little confidence and trust in the leadership team.


In partnership with the L & D team we developed a comprehensive leadership plan including a 2 day experiential authentic leadership programme for all people leaders and team leaders supplemented by core management master classes.  Prior to attending the workshop each manager had to complete a 360 survey and discuss their results with their line manager.  The 360 helped to inform individual objectives for the programme and were used post attendance to measure improvement.

To get maximum buy in and optimise impact, we facilitated a session with the Executive team first, followed by a closed session with the Heads of Department.  This also meant that they were able to hold quality pre and post one to one’s with their own leaders in readiness for their workshop.   As mentioned earlier, we repeated the 360 feedback 6 months post attendance to measure individual progress and to measure increase in engagement across the business we ran quarterly pulse surveys.

The delivery of the programmes was lead initially by The Engagement Partnership, who then developed skills within the Learning and Development team to deliver the programme with minimal support.


 There was an increase in overall engagement with 12 months of running the programme and we saw a quarter upon quarter increase in engagement scores within 3 months of launching the programme.

Other improvement measures were the reduction in short term sickness (14 days down to 8)

Reduction in customer complains relating to behaviour by 12%

Overall increase in engagement ( 1st year post programme) up by 10% and response rate up to 20%

The return in investment on sickness reduction alone was in the region of £2m per annum.