How authentic is your leadership?

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Authentic leadership has been around for centuries, the Greeks lead by the mantra of ‘knowing thyself’ and it has become vogue in the last 2 decades by a number of leadership gurus, including the UK academics, ‘ Goffee and Jones.’   Out of all the leadership models around, Authentic Leadership is the one which resonates with me most and the one I personally feel makes the biggest difference to organisations.   It moves us away from Command and Control styles an leaders who are ego centric and concerned most about their profile or status.  Authentic leadership puts people and humility at the heart of how we lead.  To see how authentic your leadership is (or that of your own leader)  simply answer the questions below and it’s just a question of yes or no..

Do you (or do your leaders)

  1. Make sure people know they are valued members of the team?
  2. Provide opportunities to build team spirit and identity?
  3. Build a strong team that connects and works with other teams across the business?
  4. Build the team’s strength by making the most of each person’s unique talent?
  5. Share openly about personal short comings?
  6. Pitch in consistently and appropriately in all situations?
  7. Let yourself be known on a personal level beyond title or role?
  8. Ensure individuals see how their work connects to larger goals?
  9. Ask for—and act on—input from team members?
  10. Recognise individuals’ contributions to the team’s success?
  11. Provide balanced, specific and personalised feedback to team members?
  12. Display an energy that excites exceptional performance?
  13. Celebrate success?
  14. Demonstrate a credible level of knowledge in my role?

how did you score? 

1 – 4 this low level of positive response suggests you are acting from a position of self interest and trying to be something that isn’t natural to you.  |increasing your self awareness through a psychometric profile may help to see the impact you have on others and your personal motivational drivers   You can use this info to redress the balance of self interest and being authentic

Yes response between 4 and 8 -You want to be authentic but maybe distracted by worrying about what people think about you and you spend time trying to please others.   A 360 profile and feedback tool maybe helpful here so you can see the positive impact you have on others 

Yes responses over 8 – You are well on your way to feeling confident about who you are, valuing the best in others and creating an environment where others can be themselves and are left to get on with the job.   Keep it up and be a good role model to others.

If you would like more information on Authentic Leadership, psychometric profiling o 360 tools, please get in touch.